Advanced Knowledge Graph Accelerates Data Integration

  • eccenca releases update of its enterprise knowledge graph platform eccenca Corporate Memory
  • Extended functionalities accelerate exploration, update and export of large data sets
  • New Software Development Kit gives users greater flexibility and easy scalability of the proven data management solution to new use cases

eccenca releases version 19.10 of its Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform Corporate Memory. With this further development, the German technology company is responding specifically to the decisive challenge of digital transformation in companies. In the first step, this does not mean AI, Big Data and data automation – as often proposed in key note talks. Digitalization starts with the provision of the correct, comprehensible and complete data in order to be able to implement these technologies in a targeted and effective manner. Corporate Memory creates the basis for agile, integrative and cross-system data use in companies. Data management using the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform will be aligned with the FAIR Data Principles. These define various requirements for data management in order to make data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable independently of their source application.

Efficient Data Processing for Digital Business Models

The new release further accelerates data usage with the established Corporate Memory solution. In addition, it offers various functions to drive data collaboration and reuse data workflows. »With the new release, we have focused entirely on accelerating data processing and workflows,« explains René Pietzsch, Head of Product Management at eccenca. »In today’s world, business success is based on two factors: the right and complete set of data for making decisions and the speed of decision-making. The first requires the ability to combine and analyze data from a variety of sources – be it IT sources, Web sources or the implicit knowledge in the minds of domain experts. Only with this data transparency can managers put their decisions on a sound, tangible basis. This has always been the basic function of our Knowledge Graph platform Corporate Memory. The speed results from the possibility of automating decision-making processes and reusing data. We have been specifically working on this acceleration over the last few months.«

The updates of eccenca Corporate Memory Version 19.10 in a nutshell:

Drive Data Collaboration

  • Export of result views in various table formats for flexible further processing
  • Software development kit for implementation of own data integration operators and flexible extension of the solution to other use cases
  • Custom display of data and graphs for efficient access to enterprise data landscape
  • Jupyter Notebook extension for displaying data as Data Frames
  • Improved visualization of data provenance for quality control and traceability
  • Flexible definition of mandatory fields for continuous data consistency

Accelerate Data Exploration

  • Delta Loading for targeted query of data updates
  • Customizable query templates for quality assurance and reusability
  • Enhanced query time management for prioritization of search queries
  • Multi-Token search for complex queries with multiple variables
  • Support of Stardog 7 for data processing acceleration by a factor of 10 to 20

Download the Corporate Memory product flyer to explore the possibilities with the eccenca knowledge graph platform.

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