Release Corporate Memory 18-08

  • eccenca releases version 18-08 of its semantic data management solution eccenca Corporate Memory
  • New features simplify access, processing, query as well export of distributed heterogeneous enterprise data
  • The implementation of open standards streamline data analysis and system audit processes

eccenca releases version 18-08 of its semantic data management solution eccenca Corporate Memory. The metadata-based solution enables companies to manage their distributed heterogeneous data efficiently across the entire value chain and to collaboratively work on it. Corporate Memory manages and links company data centrally at metadata level and thus allows application-independent data management and (re-)use.

The data is visualized on a central knowledge graph and where it is set in relation to each other. This removes them from inflexible data silos. However, the solution does not affect the various data sources themselves, nor does it copy them or demand a complex master data management. The semantic data management solution creates the basis for cross-departmental, cross-process and cross-company data use as required by concepts such as Industry of Things, Smart Supply Chain but also the requirements of GDPR or BCBS 239.

Efficient data processes for Industry 4.0

The new release extends the functions of the established Corporate Memory solution and simplifies complex data processing processes.
»With Corporate Memory 18-08 we have responded specifically to various feedback from our customers«, explains René Pietzsch, Head of Product Management at eccenca. »The possibilities of analysis, transformation and data export as well as independent configuration have been extended. The basic approach of vocabulary-based semantic knowledge management is supplemented by an interface for creating and maintaining hierarchical knowledge models (thesauri or taxonomies), which, for example, Business Analysts can use to structure and classify knowledge domains. This makes it much easier to search for and find information distributed throughout the company.

What is new in eccenca Corporate Memory Version 18-08?

Drive data usage across the entire enterprise

  • Simple and flexible knowledge engineering through thesaurus based on W3C standard SKOS
  • Precise data delivery from heterogeneous, distributed data sets through freely definable query response structures using JSON LD framing
  • Simplified, automated processing of heterogeneous data through extended transformation and normalization options
  • Comprehensive use of data through individually configurable formatting instructions (XSLT)
  • Advanced export functions for complex tables
  • Advanced data analysis through advanced filter functions
  • Complete metadata management at file, dataset and attribute level

Streamline business processes

  • Accelerated data retrieval using pre-configured (out-of-the-box) queries
  • Accelerated system audit, API monitoring and troubling shooting processes through implementation of RFC 7807 standard
  • Accelerated access to code lists for error messages, EDI codes, acronyms
  • Simplified creation of new data models through configurable SHACL shapes for vocabularies
  • Simplified analysis of data models using comprehensive, interactive and freely searchable OWL vocabulary visualization
  • Extended auditing and traceability management through visualization of data origin (provenance)

For more information on eccenca Corporate Memory, visit eccenca Corporate Memory.

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