The GDPR Compliance Software

The eccenca GDPR Suite visualizes your company's distributed personal data on a central data map. This allows GDPR Compliance teams to identify data sources and entries for Subject Access Requests across all active systems in the company.

Most importantly the knowledge graph powered GDPR compliance software links personal data with its contextual legal, source and processing information. DPOs can to swiftly check and approve planned data analysis and processing projects and define global processing policies for the company. The GDPR compliance software integrates easily into the existing data landscape without disrupting the IT infrastructure or copying data.

  • VISUALIZEPersonal Data Storage And Use
  • SIMPLIFYDecision Making On Data Processing
  • AUTOMATESubject Requests & Internal Audits

It has never been easier to identify a person's data throughout all our applications when getting a Subject Access Request. Before we had to manually roam through every application, and even then we weren't sure if the data actually belonged to that person.

Data Protection Officer at large German powertool manufacturer

Visualize Data, Purposes, Consents & Policies

  • Quickly Identify Subjects And Relevant Data

    The integrated enterprise search of the GDPR compliance software enables you to locate and collect a subject's system-specific local identifiers. Automatically map a subject to systems holding instance data. That way efforts of your workforce can be reduced by an order of magnitude.

  • Pinpoint Affected Applications and Purposes

    The eccenca GDPR Suite visualizes all applications and processing purposes across all subjects and source systems. Distribute tasks to specific application owners and avoid broadcast requests across all system owners.

  • Link GDPR-Relevant Information

    The knowledge graphs logically links and visualizes any personal data with GDPR relevant context information. This includes metadata on the applications it's stored in, the retention data and the processing purposes it is used for. Visually explore, if the storage and use is legitimate and what legal basis applies.

Simplify Decision Making On Data Processing

  • Explore The Interactive Data Map

    Use the interactive data map of the eccenca GDPR Suite to implement data level reporting on personal data from a central hub. This drives full transparency at any time without drilling into widely distributed source applications.

  • Flexibly Integrate New Data Sources

    The eccenca GDPR Suite enables you to connect new data from any data format and source. Flexibly extend the knowledge graph with new sources and applications via REST APIs or full ETL capabilities. Use direct mappings to link new data with existing data.

  • Define Processing Purposes Via Authoring Module

    Define purposes of data processing via the central authoring module of the GDPR compliance software. Globally change requirements for processing purposes and link them to the related legal bases.


Automated GDPR Processes

  • Automate Inbound Subject Requests

    The GDPR Suite supports the integration of ticket systems (e.g. Jira) providing the means to integrate requests directly in your established workflow. Automatically transfer the information from requests and index searches to the respective ticket to provide a single place for documenting Subject Access, Change or Deletions Requests.

  • Auto-Create Source Specific Sub-Tickets

    Use the integrated ticket system and enterprise search capabilities of the GDPR compliance software to create source specific tickets for Subject Access Requests. This allows you to establish lean GDPR processes that only involve the application owners that really handle the request-specific personal data.

  • Extract Relevant Data From Source Systems

    For detailed Subject Access Requests application owners can easily attach the requested personal data items to the corresponding ticket. This simplifies the documentation and creation of the Subject Access Request Report for the data subject directly through the GDPR compliance software.

Drive Compliance, Audit and Reporting

  • Build Your Personal Monitoring Dashboard

    Track all Subject Access Requests in your company on one screen. You can flexibly integrate analysis applications with the GDPR compliance software or use the capabilities of the ticket system to enable comprehensive reporting.

  • Audit & Report GDPR Compliance Any Time

    Add further external analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI to audit GDPR compliance via the software. Build a powerful dashboard where you can track missing consent as well as compile and export compliance information for fast and comprehensive reporting.

  • Prevent Data Duplication

    The personal data in the knowledge graph driven GDPR compliance software is entirely represented by metadata. No specific personal data values (instance data) are copied from the respective source application to the GDPR Suite. This ensures data consistency, GDPR compliance, and prevents building yet another data silo.

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