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Cut Through Complexity Of Disparate Data Sources

With growing M&A activities and the diversification of lines-of-business it becomes increasingly challenging to master comprehensive group level reporting, identify synergies and savings potentials. Business can no longer wait for group IT systems to be harmonized on a global scale.

eccenca Corporate Memory enables a data-as-a-service system that provides the bird's eye perspective on your disparate corporate data landscape. The layer of explicit semantics allows the automated integration of thousands of data sources without the need for programming. Expand your model on the fly. Visualize data. Drive faster insights. Automate BI analytics.

  • VisualizeComplex Data Structures
  • UnderstandRules and Interdependencies
  • AutomateIntegration & Reporting

Reporting In A Complex World Needs Perspective

  • Centrally visualize and control your data
  • Integrate, link and explore hundreds of sources
  • Establish a unified understanding of data, rules and constraints
  • Discern between correct and incorrect, up-to-date and outdated data
  • Enable meaningful and comprehensive analytics
  • Provide quality data for informed decision making

Enable Comprehensive and Actionable Reporting


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