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Cut Through The Complexity Of Your Business Landscape

With digital transformation the number of devices, services, data points but also business and processing rules are skyrocketing. In this dynamic environment companies need faster insights and increasingly automated decisions. Moreover, they need to convert physical products into digital services.

eccenca Corporate Memory cuts through complexity by providing a data-centric perspective on systems, processes and business rules. It filters relevant from irrelevant, up-to-date from outdated. Our solution for complexity management integrates data and business rules across your organization to provide a unified and integrative view and thus a sound basis for automation.

  • VisualizeComplex Data & Infrastructures
  • UnderstandRules and Interdependencies
  • AutomateProcesses & Artificial Intelligence

Complexity Management From Bird's Eye Perspective To Detailed Views

  • Centrally visualize and control your disparate data
  • Integrate, link and explore hundreds of data sources
  • Establish a unified understanding of data, rules and constraints
  • Empower your line-of-business to evolve the model
  • Provide quality data for machine learning and AI
  • Enable digital transformation from products to services

How To Manage Portfolios Of 500k+ Products

Learn how an industrial giant is leveraging eccenca's knowledge graph platform to get on top of its complex products and maintenance requirements. Learn how our eccenca Corporate Memory was used to create a customer-facing digital twin that captures previously hidden interdependencies and knowledge to ultimately drive cost reduction and advance customer support through automation and contextual product knowledge.

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