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Manage And Ensure GDPR Compliance Globally

CISOs and DPOs must manage data privacy compliance within a legacy IT with hundreds to thousands of disparate systems. The siloed data is characterized by multiple perspectives and inconsistent identifiers. Additionally, GDPR processes like Subject Access Requests and internal inquiries about legitimate data use threaten to increase the workload in all departments.

The eccenca GDPR compliance solution GDPR Suite provides full data transparency that goes beyond the siloed view. GDPR Compliance teams profit from a centralized view and a unified understanding of personal data across all systems and processing purposes. This enables them to successfully ensure GDPR compliance throughout the entire company.

  • VisualizePersonal Data Storage And Use
  • SimplifyDecision Making On Data Processing
  • AUTOMATEGDPR Processes & Compliance

A Reliable GDPR Compliance Solution Must Provide Visibility

  • Create a comprehensive map of personal data storage and use without duplicating it
  • Minimize Subject Access Request workload
  • Control metadata access by roles
  • Simplify the review of internal processing purpose inquiries
  • Make informed decisions on planned data analytics & processing
  • Centrally run internal compliance audits

Top10 GDPR Solution Provider Since 2018

The eccenca GDPR compliance solution has been supporting companies to manage GDPR compliance from the get-go. Expert industry publications CIOApplications and Planet Compliance acknowledge our pioneering role with the listing as GDPR Solution Provider and RegTech Best in Class, respectively.

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