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Turn Your Rigid Supply Chains Into One Agile Supply Network

Organizations are achieving operational performance breakthroughs as digital supply networks enable supply chain visibility and real-time insights for fast adjustments of logistics and collaborations.

eccenca Corporate Memory enables automated and improved S&OP planning based on trusted data. We provide the means to an integrated information infrastructure and full lifecycle data visibility. Establish a shared understanding of data across departments, organizations as well as external information sources to manage the growing complexity and dynamics of your digital network.

  • VisualizeYour Supply Network
  • AccelerateCollaboration & Insights
  • AutomateSupply Chain Processes

A Digital Supply Network Needs Cross-System Integration to...

  • ... reduce lead times
  • ... reduce working capital
  • ... balance the supply chain load
  • ... reduce the CO2 Footprint
  • ... increase flexibility and resilience
  • ... accelerate innovation cycles

Gartner Names eccenca Sample Vendor for Digital Supply Chain Twins 2020

The impact of the Digital Supply Chain Twin is transformational as it enablesend-to-end decision making by being in lockstep with the real-world supply chain, Gartner Vice President for Research Tim Payne explains in his analysis for the Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy 2020. The foundation for this is reliable, easy and consistent data access.

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eccenca is Gartner sample vendor for Supply Chain Strategy 2020©

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