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Cut Through Complex IT Infrastructures & Services

IT Services Providers are moving fast. The number and complexity of IT assets are growing by the minute. So are the myriads of interdependencies, operational specifications, security and compliance requirements. As a result ITIL processes become complex, cumbersome and costly. All the while customers demand undisrupted availability, automated IT Services configuration and reliable data protection.

If your organization has multiple CMDBs or ITSM systems and is struggling with automation, you are likely experiencing configuration conflicts and data quality issues. Consolidating into a central single source of truth does not resolve existing conflicts.
Our ITSM ontologies disambiguate and harmonize data from across these sources. They standardize the representation of rules and constraints into an integrated and seamless model that drives ITSM automation or can be used for the consolidation of ITSM Systems.

  • IDENTIFYIT Assets & Their Interdependencies
  • EnsureHigh Performance & Cost Efficiency
  • AutomateITIL Processes

IT Service Management Automation Needs A Unified View On Assets

  • Gain a unified view on IT asset, properties, semantics and interdependencies
  • Integrate new systems and assets without costly migration efforts
  • Easily extend your ITSM to new use cases
  • Minimize the effort of information retrieval and increase system performance
  • Ensure system interoperability through the knowledge graph powered digital twin approach
  • Comply to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 requirements

Streamline Your IT Service Management Automation


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