eccenca further simplifies the building and usage of its knowledge graph

  • Insights inside: Integrated BI visualization allows for quick data analysis, streamlining business decision-making.
  • Fingers on the keyboard: Enhanced user handling by extended keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cut the clutter: Building and configuring a knowledge graph even easier thanks to optimized workflow view.

26 April 2024. Recently, eccenca released new versions of its knowledge graph building product, eccenca Corporate Memory, with a focus on enhancing usability and effectiveness for customers.

René Pietzsch, Head of Product Management at eccenca, notes, "With the new release, we aim to provide users with enhanced capabilities, including the ability to build workflows quickly using flexible keyboard shortcuts and a redesigned workflow view. Moreover, we've laid the groundwork for the next generation of our SHACL rendering engine, offering users more power and flexibility in utilizing different domain perspectives.”

Key benefits for enterprises using eccenca Corporate Memory include:

  • All in one place: The addition of a charts catalog module allows users to create data charts and BI visualizations directly within eccenca Corporate Memory, eliminating the need for additional BI-software integration.
    At your fingertips: Broad support for keyword shortcuts ensures efficient and fast navigation within eccenca Corporate Memory, catering especially to heavy users of the product.

  • Intuitive and timesaving: The creation of workflow elements has been streamlined, allowing users to configure all necessary components right from the workflow view, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Expanded functionality: The new Rest operator offers enhanced interaction with REST-APIs.

  • Enhanced Automation: A new command group has been introduced to our CLI. This is particularly relevant for those customers who manage automation tasks with eccenca Corporate Memory.

  • End-to-End Verification: With the new SHACL Authoring Engine users can now easily verify the validity of their data and the entire graph, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

These product updates and features are a direct response to customer feedback and evolving technology trends. eccenca's ambition is to make building a knowledge graph as intuitive and accessible as possible.

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