Digitalization Made Easy And Understandable

  • eccenca proposes new way of thinking to overcome holdbacks for automation and AI adoption
  • New series of films teaches capabilities and real-world application of knowledge graphs
  • First episode sets the tone with a one-day trip to Paris

Leipzig / Germany, June 4, 2020 - At the heart of digitalization is the ability to link and process data from a large variety of sources. Still, most enterprises do not know how to overcome the ever-growing complexity of their IT and data landscape. This struggle may well be more so a question of mindset than a question of missing technology. Or as Albert Einstein once allegedly said We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

For nearly a decade, eccenca has been helping international enterprises to cut through the complexity of application centric and siloed data management practices. In a new series of films, the German knowledge graph company is attempting to outline the value of knowledge graphs and to open up the audience’s mindset to a new way of managing data and inherent complexity.

We offer a new perspective on the question of how we can deal with the growing complexity and dynamics of our world, eccenca CEO Chris Brockmann explains. The world has been talking about data-as-the-new-oil, digitalization and artificial intelligence for more than a decade. But application centric thinking and governance have been holding organizations back from achieving large scale deployment of AI and cross application automation. Knowledge graphs provide a commercially viable option to finally take that next step toward digital maturity. Studies have shown that the inherent flexibility and governance of the knowledge graph model can help reduce data complexity by more than one order of magnitude. Resulting complexity reductions thus mean significant speed and cost advantages over traditional data warehouse, data mart or data lake approaches.

The new series dives into the inherent constraints found in enterprises that prevent agility and digital maturity. The films will shed light on how knowledge graphs can help to overcome those constraints in an easy-to-understand way. The series will include conceptual excursions on typical business frameworks as well as selected use cases. Prof. Dr. Sören Auer, Director of the TIB, co-founder of eccenca and 4th most influential knowledge engineer worldwide will contribute with technical deep dives about the inner workings of knowledge graphs. The first film, now released, kicks off with a simple introduction of knowledge graph capabilities using the common challenge of planning a one-day trip.

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