eccenca co-founder Sören Auer receives ERC award

Every year, the European Research Council awards Consolidator Grant to the most renowned researchers in Europe. This year, eccenca co-founder and head of the scientific advisory board Sören Auer receives this prestigious award for his research towards a knowledge graph for science. You can read more about his work at or in a recent article draft.

The work Sören, who is also Director of the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) – German National Library of Science and Technology, plans with the knowledge graph for science reflects eccenca’s vision of leveraging knowledge graphs for enterprise data integration aiming at establishing a enterprise data innovation layer for mastering the challenges of digital transformation. It is great to see how knowledge graphs are gaining more and more traction to address challenges of our increasingly data and knowledge-driven society.

In a weekly series of articles, Sören also talks about how enterprises and scientist can realize the vision of smart data, which is a first class citizen of a data innovation ecosystem. Here you can read the first issues:

  1. Historic evolution of computing giving rise to cognitive data.
  2. The neglected variety dimension of Big Data.
  3. Representing Knowledge in Semantic Graphs

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