eccenca is Top 10 GDPR Solution Provider for the 2nd time

For the second time since the introduction of the GDPR, the editorial staff of the internationally acclaimed publication CIOApplications has honored ten providers worldwide who offer products or services for the company-wide protection of personal data. The editorial team based in Oakload, USA, analyzed and evaluated each GDPR solution provider with the help of an international panel of CEOs, CIOs and investors.

According to the industry magazine, the criterion “cutting-edge technology” was just as relevant for the selection as the offer of the most complete solution possible in order to ensure conformity in companies.

The TOP 10 GDPR Solution Provider are announced in the upcoming April issue of the CIOApplications magazine.

Data protection officers and their teams receive a central overview of the personal data distributed in the company. The knowledge graph based solution creates a single source of truth that enables teams to answer relevant questions about personal data protection, including:

  •     Which data of a person is stored?
  •     Where is it stored?
  •     How long will be it stored?
  •     For what purposes is it used?
  •     What is the legitimate interest or legal justification?

This ultimately helps data protection teams to set up lean and purposeful GDPR processes that can be automated and centrally controlled. They can ensure 24/7 monitoring and compliance reporting as well as control access to and processing of personal data from the central GDPR cockpit. Queries from Subject Access Requests can thus be processed in a targeted manner without triggering wildcard queries to the hundreds of system owners. Read the full story on

The eccenca GDPR solution establishes this data transparency across systems without disrupting the existing IT architecture or requiring cost-intensive silo data migration projects.

Explore the eccenca GDPR solution for your company.

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