eccenca releases advanced solution to become data-centric

  • eccenca Corporate Memory provides enterprise-ready foundation to drive digital transformation
  • Tried-and-tested knowledge graph platform software enhances data access, automation and understanding
  • Focus is accessibility for business users

eccenca releases version 20.12 of its flagship knowledge graph software eccenca Corporate Memory. The latest releases consolidates the mission to make semantic data management technologies enterprise-ready and usable for business users. As leading tech analysts at Gartner highlighted in a 2020 report, knowledge graph technology is increasingly powering artificial intelligence applications. But even though the technology is the foundation for a data-centric IT and data architecture that facilitates the potentials of digital transformation and automation, it has long been considered to academic for business use. eccenca has changed this with its releases in 2020. By focussing on user experience and performance eccenca Corporate Memory provides a wide array of access and integration points, a ready-to-use query catalogue, tools for data automation as well as the means for a detailed and transparent data governance.

Before enterprises can realize the full potential of their data, it's paramount that they establish a framework that provides a shared understanding of their data as well as access to it, eccenca Head of Product Management René Pietzsch explains the main challenge of digital transformation. For the last year, we have been aligning our software with the business needs of companies that tackle digital transformation. Our aim was to build a solution that provides enterprises with three main abilities: company-wide identification and access of their data, explicit data semantics for automation, empowerment of its lines of business to work agile. The new eccenca Corporate Memory is the foundation to achieve that by providing a one-stop-shop for building, exploring, consuming and governing enterprise data.

In past releases eccenca had already introduced several enterprise-ready functionalities including interactive graph visualization, automation tools for data migration as well as data normalization, REST-API connections to query data directly from 3rd party applications as well as several mechanisms for data protection and access management.

eccenca Corporate Memory 20.12 adds further benefits for enterprise users:

  • Simplified building process: The DataIntegration workbench unifies all relevant views. Building a knowledge graph was never more smooth and streamlined.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use reporting: Integrated connectors allow the creation of dashboards and data visualizations directly in Microsoft Power BI and Redash.
  • Business-user friendly data exploration: The catalogue of declarative data queries allows business users to easily access and explore data without the need to code.
  • Workflow automation: The updated cmemc command line tool further simplifies the execution of workflows like dataset creation, update and deletion as well as updating vocabularies.
  • Ready for internationalization: Localization of data and knowledge with i18n language integration.
  • Enhanced data transparency and understanding: Statement annotation allows definition and documentation of additional metadata to further a shared understanding of enterprise data across departmental boundaries.

The update of the tried-and-tested knowledge graph platform is a direct result of close communication with current clients from various industries including manufacturing, financial services and telecommunication.

For more information on Corporate Memory please visit the eccenca Corporate Memory website or the release notes repository.

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