How To Lay The Foundation For Digital Transformation (By Becoming Data-Centric) Escape From Data Darkness webcast series - episode 2

Prequel episode:
Why IT Costs Explode (and what your best practices have got to with it)

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Dave McComb, Semantic Arts

Dave McComb is the though-leader in how to overcome IT complexity in business environments. With more than 40 years of practical experience in governmental and enterprise IT management, he has seen all pitfalls that cause the failure of digitalization efforts. Dave is author of the though-provoking books „Software Wasteland“ and „The Data-Centric Revolution“.

Hans-Christian Brockmann, eccenca

Chris Brockmann has been supporting large companies like VW, Daimler, Siemens and Nokia to overcome their data and IT complexity for the last 20 years. As CEO of leading knowledge graph company eccenca Chris is an evangelist for the paradigm shift in IT and data management that supports the need for reliable, agile and collaborative data use.