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eccenca provides an automated decision processing platform that enables enterprises to infuse knowledge into data to drive efficiency.

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Companies are challenged by the detrimental overload of data caused by thousands of isolated data silos and the lack to easily interpret, integrate, use and reuse this data. The eccenca Corporate Memory multi-graph platform is your solution to this problem. It enables you to access any connected data sets (linked through rules and relations) and understand the context and meaning of the data while making decisions.

From Digital Supply Networks and Automation to GDPR compliance and Knowledge-Driven Customer Interaction, eccenca allows you to centrally manage, execute and document your siloed corporate data and configurations as well as their interdependent business knowledge, rules and constraints. The metadata based semantic data management approach prevents the creation of new silos. Our system-agnostic, open platform software ensures the freedom to self-sufficiently evolve schema and corporate knowledge assets on-demand. Empower your business to become more self-determined and agile.

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Gartner Names eccenca Sample Vendor for Digital Supply Chain Twins 2020

The impact of the Digital Supply Chain Twin is transformational as it enablesend-to-end decision making by being in lockstep with the real-world supply chain, Gartner Vice President for Research Tim Payne explains in his analysis for the Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy 2020. The foundation for this is reliable, easy and consistent data access.

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eccenca is Gartner sample vendor for Supply Chain Strategy 2020©


Corporate Memory

The enterprise knowledge graph platform

Meet the foundation of digital transformation.
Enable data transparency and linking across all your domains.




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    We’ve enabled data agility by creating a semantic data architecture embedded in our enterprise IT architecture. This allowed us to save approx. 20 man-months of transactional effort in internal processes.

    Karl Kirschenhofer
    Chief Operations Officer, RFS

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    The transformation from a mere product provider to a service provider will only succeed if cross-system data use can be leveraged. eccenca is a leading developer of solutions that seamlessly interlink data, enrich it with expert knowledge and bridge the gap between different networks and platforms.

    Christian Stapel
    Partner for Data & Technology at MHP

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    The eccenca enterprise knowledge graph solution enabled us to establish full flexibility in our data management process without having to retrofit our existing source and target systems.

    Georg Geiger
    SW Monetization Capability Architect, Nokia

  • We see more and more companies wanting to become data- and decision-centric. eccenca are at the frontier of this challenge and provide an enterprise-ready solution that integrates perfectly into any IT infrastructure. This is what the future looks like.

    Phani Ratna Kumar
    CEO, Aarth Software


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