eccenca and Digital Mission Pioneers (dmp!) announce partnership!

Digital transformation is about vision, focus and leadership. But being entrenched in everyday battles of the business is very much like falling into the trap of being unable to recognize the forest for the trees.

eccenca’s corporate memory platform digitizes and scales corporate knowledge with three transformational effects:

  1. Efficiency- augmenting or automating up to 80% of knowledge worker decisions.
  2. Efficacy- powering the ability to process all relevant internal or external signals at scale.
  3. New business opportunity- enabling new digital products and services.

Digital Mission Pioneers (dmp!) is a thought leader in helping organizations grasp this potential and turn it into new and sustainable digital business models. dmp! helps joint clients to identify a transformational vision for their businesses, works with customer teams to focus upon activities and provides interim leadership to do the hands-on work required to deliver expected results.

Chris Brockmann, CEO, eccenca GmbH: “We are excited to partner with dmp! because, as a software vendor, we can unlock the potential of digitizing and scaling human knowledge for automation, but we cannot work with clients on defining or executing a business strategy. The dmp! team consists of seasoned digital pioneers with a unique track record that assures efficiency and clarity at a time where businesses are struggling to find their path through this transformational time.”

Kay Freiland, Managing Partner, Digital Mission Pioneers: “Robotic process automation [RPA] has shown us the tip of the iceberg concerning efficacy and efficiency of automated commodity activities. eccenca Corporate Memory is now allowing organizations to digitize and scale activities previously limited to human knowledge workers. This opens up a whole new realm of potential, not only for scalability and savings of businesses, but also for new knowledge-based digital services. We are thrilled to work with eccenca's top-line clients on turning this potential into real world growth at reduced operating costs."

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