eccenca releases user-friendly and resilient features

This release enlists many user-friendly and resilient features that make Corporate Memory more accessible, adaptable, customizable, and globally competitive.

It is said that knowledge graphs will lead trustworthy and revolutionized Artificial Intelligence. eccenca, with this release, focuses on happy user experience, improved performance and automated features that would help its users create, analyze, and manage knowledge graphs easily. eccenca Corporate Memory provides a wide array of access and integration points, a ready-to-use query catalogue, tools for data automation as well as the means for a detailed and transparent data governance.

In past releases eccenca had already introduced several simplified building processes, user-friendly data analysis, workflow automation and many other enterprise-ready functionalities

eccenca Corporate Memory 22.1 adds further benefits for its enterprise users:

New linking and transform editors: The all-new linking editor provides user-created and automated layout. It has multi-word operator search, new node actions and edge actions.

Python Plugin SDK: Corporate Memory starts off with supporting Workflow and Transformation plugins build in Python 3 environment as of now.

Exploration: Customizable workflow execute button in Property Shapes of DataManager in Corporate Memory.

Automation: In addition to the above features, the new version 22.1 also provides automated workspace, admin, and query replay command groups.

For more information on Corporate Memory please visit The eccenca Corporate Memory website or the release notes repository.

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