Navigate Your Data Like Never Before with eccenca Corporate Memory 23.2: Introducing Resource Context Menu, New Graph Selection and more

We are excited to present our latest release eccenca Corporate Memory 23.2, packed with an array of enhancements and innovative features that promise to enrich your experience across the eccenca software suite. This release focuses on three key areas: Build, Explore, and Automate.


  • Embrace the power of customization with support for user-managed project variables within dataset and task parameters. This feature empowers you with unparalleled flexibility.
  • Navigate through your tasks seamlessly with the introduction of all-new UIs for transformation evaluation and reference links. These intuitive interfaces streamline your interactions and boost productivity.


  • Our enhanced Easynav takes visual graph exploration to the next level, introducing a nodes context menu, long label support, advanced graph selection dialog, and automatic node layout. These features redefine how you interact with your data.


  • Empower your administrative capabilities with the addition of an admin client command group. This enhancement simplifies the management of client accounts within the Keycloak CMEM realm, enhancing security and control.

This release showcases the following component versions:

Introducing eccenca DataIntegration v23.2: Discover a plethora of upgrades such as customizable project variables for added adaptability, a redesigned transform evaluation interface for straightforward user engagement, and an all-encompassing view of reference links. Take advantage of cutting-edge transform and linking rule editors, plus the handy feature for rectifying failed tasks, among other improvements.

Debuting DataIntegration Python Plugins v4.1.0: With the launch of Corporate Memory v23.2, we're thrilled to include DataIntegration Python Plugins version 4.1.0, which brings a multitude of new functionalities and enhancements to elevate your data integration skills.

Unveiling eccenca DataManager v23.2: Streamline your data management tasks with advanced configurations like "Inverse Linking Property" and "Irreflexive Linking" rule setup interfaces. Benefit from customizable query timeouts and automated layouts in Easynav for a smooth navigation experience.

Explore eccenca DataPlatform v23.2: Open up endless opportunities with features like dynamic access conditions, backend capabilities, origin-tracking metadata for Easynav visualizations, and improved property hierarchy configurations for a more polished data management journey.

Discover eccenca Corporate Memory Control (cmemc) v23.2: Simplify your administrative workflows with new features such as the admin user password command, enhancements to the dataset creation command, and a sturdy admin client command suite. These improvements bolster account management and client control, making for an effortless user experience.

This latest release underscores our steadfast dedication to ceaseless innovation, bringing you state-of-the-art tools that revolutionize your approach to data navigation, automation, and management. Dive into the next era of data integration and management with eccenca's newest offerings. For an in-depth look at each component's latest features, please consult the detailed release notes. Embrace the next wave of innovation and unlock untapped potential with eccenca's trailblazing solutions.

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