Effortless. Intuitive. Powerful. Announcing eccenca Corporate Memory 23.1 – the next level knowledge graph creation platform

  • eccenca Corporate Memory represents a significant step forward in terms of performance, functionality, and usability, making it a more reliable and efficient tool for data integration and management.
  • eccenca Corporate Memory provides enterprise-ready foundation to drive digital transformation.
  • eccenca Corporate Memory offers a complete solution to build and manage knowledge graphs.

We're excited to announce the release of Corporate Memory 23.1, eccenca has launched the newest version of its prominent software for knowledge graph, eccenca Corporate Memory. This update is packed with a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes across various components. The most recent version of the software aims to prepare semantic data management technologies for corporate use and make them more user-friendly for business-oriented individuals.

The usage of knowledge graphs is increasingly propelling the functioning of artificial intelligence applications. Although technology serves as the basis for an IT system and data structure that enables digital transformation and automation, it has hirs. eccenca has improved this through its 2023 publications. eccenca Corporate Memory offers various means for accessing and integrating data, as well as tools for automating data, governance, and a comprehensive query catalog. All of this is done with a focus on providing users with a fantastic experience and optimal performance

Version 23.1 introduces global variables for dataset and task parameters, giving you more flexibility in your workflow management. We've also extended the Python Plugin API to historically been regarded as too scholarly for corporate purposes and business use, include autocompleted parameter types and password parameter types. Additionally, we've improved handling of replaceable datasets and added REST endpoints for property search in the global vocabulary cache.

There are also improvements to the Neo4j integration, including support for paths when reading entities and the ability to use a relation at the end of a path to return the URI of the node. The CSV dataset auto-configuration now supports detecting more encodings for the charset parameter, and there have been improvements to the documentation of many rule operators.

Eccenca DataIntegration version 23.1 appears to be a significant update with many new features and improvements that will be useful for all users of the platform. Below are the new features and improvements.

  • Enhanced Global Variable: It helps the user to set parameters of dataset and task in Jinja template. This template may access configured global variables. 
  • Extended Python Plugin API: Autocomplete parameter types may declare dependent parameters, password and custom parameter type .It helps to ensure that plugins are used correctly and can prevent errors. By declaring dependent parameters, users can see which parameters are required before they start typing, making it easier to use the plugin. It provides an extra layer of security when users are entering sensitive information. These  make it easier for plugin developers to create more complex and sophisticated plugins, while also making it easier for users to use those plugins correctly and securely.
  • Enhanced workspace, it can now select at runtime: The ability to select workspaces at runtime in eccenca Corporate Memory  provides users with greater flexibility, organization, and control over their data and workflows.
  • Enhanced editing capabilities in the EasyNav: The enhanced editing capabilities in the EasyNav editor in eccenca Corporate Memory provide users with greater efficiency, accuracy, and control over their data, ultimately helping to improve data quality and productivity.
  • New admin user command group feature for managing user accounts in the Keycloak CMEM realm: The introduction of a new admin user command group for managing user accounts in the Keycloak CMEM provides administrators with greater efficiency, control, and compliance, ultimately helping to improve data security and productivity.

The latest version (v23.1) of eccenca DataIntegration includes several important fixes and improvements that enhance the overall performance and usability of the tool.

We're excited to see the new ways in which you'll use these improvements to further your data management and exploration capabilities. Remember, more detailed release notes for each version are available for your perusal. Enjoy exploring Corporate Memory 23.1!

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